Walk-in Bathtubs cover by MediCare

Seniors and people suffering from some heath complications find it hard to use some of the common facilities in assisted living facilities or homes such as bathtubs. It is for this reason that special kinds of bathtubs known as walk-in tubs were invented. Since these tubs play a key role in their wellbeing, the topic of walk-in bathtubs and Medicare invokes a lot of reactions.

Does Medicare Cover Walk-in Tubs?

This is the question many people would wish to get the final answer on. The answer is both a resounding yes and no. Medicare covers for numerous medical items that are considered durable. Unfortunately, these tubs do not make it to the list. Items such as chairs, canes, crutches, scooters, walkers, patient lift and adjustable beds similar to those in hospitals are all taken care of. The argument here is that this equipment is meant to help seniors and those who may need a walk-in tub stick with the normal shower or tub.

Reimbursement Occasions

Despite Medicare’s stance of not covering walk-in bath tubs, there are scenarios where you can actually be reimbursed if you purchase one. Sometimes, they see these tubs as invaluable to the people they serve and, as a result, they actually cater for them. However, you can only tell if you qualify for a reimbursement by applying for a claim.

Your bathtub claim is likely to be rejected if the tub is viewed as a convenience rather than a medical necessity. Furthermore, if Medicare can verify that the tub will be abused or used by other people, then your claim will certainly not be approved.

This means that you must have a medical diagnosis that prescribes a walk-in bathtub as one of the necessary items that you would need for your recovery or well-being. As long as this report is from a certified physician, then you will probably be in luck.

A walk-in tub can be quite useful when recovering and helping you live with conditions such as arthritis, Alzheimer’s and sleep disorders. As long as you get your physician to recommend it as a necessity, then you will have no problem with Medicare paying for it.