How a Walk-in Tub Can Change Your Life

You would think that taking a bath would be a fairly easy task for an 11-year-old. Such is not the case for Nevaeh Crews who had a stroke when she was only 6. Now that she’s grown, she wants privacy and independence when taking baths. Her doctor suggested using a walk-in tub, but her family could not afford one. When one of the leading tub manufacturers heard about her story, they sent her one of their tubs for free. Nevaeh’s mother says that the young girl has been sleeping better and experiencing less pain since she got the tub.

Nevaeh is just one of the many Americans whose lives have been changed by walk-in tubs. But what exactly are they? Here are a few things you should know about walk-in bathroom tubs:

  • It has a wall height higher than traditional tubs. The elevation is about 37 to 47 inches. This design minimizes the risk of falling when getting in and out of the tub.
  • It has a seat tall enough so that a person with mobility issues can sit comfortably upright while bathing.
  • It has a textured floor to prevent slipping.
  • It has at least two grab bars which the customer can choose during installation.
  • It has an anti-scald regulator which are valves that prevent water temperature from getting too hot.

Other Desirable Features

  • The tub can be made to fit into any space area.
  • The shower head can be moved.
  • No chlorine and chemicals added.
  • Double drains remove water in about 80 seconds.
  • Comes with a cleaning system to prevent mold formation.
  • Wide surface with easy cleaning.

Therapeutic Uses

  • Perfect for hydrotherapy where water is used to massage the body, therefore harmlessly easing the stress out of joints and muscles.
  • Has chromotherapy options where you can choose lights of different colors to illuminate the water. It is a form of therapy where color is used to stimulate positivity and imagination.
  • Conducive to relaxation as it can be used to recreate a spa-like experience.

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