What to Consider When Buying Walk-in Bathtubs

One of the riskiest bathroom activities include getting out of the tub. This could be the reason why walk-in bathtubs are becoming common. Even households that do not have an elderly or disabled member has one installed. This is because it is not just older or disabled individuals who are prone to slipping in the bathroom. Even younger people who have no disabilities are also at risk.

In a single year, about 14 people over the age of 15 are hospitalized due to accidents in the bathroom. 235,000 are brought to emergency rooms for the same reason. These numbers are from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Walk-in bathroom tubs make slipping less likely and even if you slip, you can grab part of the tub since it is higher than traditional tubs.

The problem now lies in choosing the right one for your own bathroom. There are so many models in the market and so it has become hard to pick one. The best way to go through the decision process is to consider the following factors.


A walk-in bathtub could cost around $3000 to $15000. Depending on your local market, your $5000 could get you a good quality bathtub. Determine first how much you are willing to spend on getting this special type of tub. Put into mind that it is costlier than a regular tub but it can definitely be considered as an investment.


Most companies install bathtubs for free when you purchase from them. If the company you are purchasing from doesn’t offer payment-free service, you can simply hire a plumber to install your tub. Be sure to choose someone who is experienced with handling walk-in bathtubs. Bringing in someone who does not know what they are doing will only cause damage to both your bathroom and your tub.


Walk-in bathroom tubs are usually made with gel coat fiberglass and acrylic. Although fiberglass is one of the strongest materials you can find, it is a big plus if your walk-in bathtub of choice is reinforced with metal. This reinforcement enables your tub to withstand damage and last longer. Of all the featured brands that we have on our site, American Tubs is the only manufacturer that uses metal reinforcement. 

Safety Standards

Never buy walk-in tubs that are not certified by the authorities. Only certifications from CSA/UL can be trusted so when purchasing a tub, check them thoroughly. If you insist on a fixture that didn’t pass safety standards, you might suffer from an injury. Keep bathroom accidents at bay by being careful while choosing the right tub for you.

Get Helpful and Honest Reviews on Walk-in Bathtubs

At Walk-in Tub Review, we only have one goal and that is to help you find the perfect walk-in tub for you. This is why we had our experts evaluate the five most popular brands on the market. We also put into consideration reviews gathered from customers. On our homepage, you can find a helpful graph that features these five manufacturers. Right below it are summaries of our reviews of each manufacturer. If you want a more detailed account about each of them, please feel free to download our guide. We want you to make a smart decision so read our reviews carefully and weigh all available options before heading to your local dealer. If ever you are having trouble finding one within your area, don’t hesitate to give us a call too. We can help you locate a local dealer if you live in major cities such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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