How Chromatherapy Promotes Physical Healing

Chromatherapy is the use of color to create an emotional response that aids in holistic healing. Specific colors have physiological and psychological effects that’s why chromatherapy is considered by experts to have a considerable impact to your optimal health. This method of treatment is featured in some walk-in baths. An ultramodern tub has lighting features of different colors which soothes you once you get in the tub. These multicolored lights illuminate the water to create a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

One of the leading proponents of chromatherapy is Carole Jackson, founder of the cosmetic company Color Me Beautiful. She believes that the therapy can strengthen your brainpower and lift your spirit. Even the most exalted artists like Rembrandt and Michelangelo used colors to put across the message of their masterpieces. It is the same way that color is used in therapy to stimulate sensations such as passion, optimism, healing, joy, and creativity.

Colors Used in Chromatherapy

Chromatherapy chooses colors according to their heating properties. The cool ones are meant to soothe while the warm ones are used to excite the blood.

  • Red is used to stimulate blood in the arteries. As you may have noticed, drugs such as capsicum, red cedar, and musk are used to stimulate oxygen in the blood. In chromatherapy, red colored bath water in a walk-in bathtub helps improve mobility in paralytic patients.
  • Yellow light is used in chromatherapy to treat chronic bronchial irritation and colds. It is known to many that yellow drugs are used as laxatives and purgatives such as Indian hemp and May apple.
  • Blue, violet, and green colors are cool and are therefore used to heal conditions that are caused of too much heat in the body. Chromatherapy uses blue water to heal rheumatism, nervousness, sciatica, and even hemorrhage.

A Bit of Caution About Chromatherapy

Chromotherapy has been proven effective, but it should not take the place of professional medical help. It should only be used in conjunction to the medicines prescribed by a doctor. Moreover, chromatherapy should be done with the guidance of an expert because its misuse can also be harmful.

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