Four Amazing Benefits You Can Gain From Walk-in Tubs

More than one in three of our elderlies at the age of 65 or older fall each year, according to USA Today. 80% of these accidents happen in the bathroom, says the National Institute on Aging. Falling, called the “harbinger of unstoppable trouble” by Atul Gawande in his book “Being Mortal”, should be prevented at all cost. That’s why walk-in tubs were made. They were specially designed to keep the old, sick, and disabled safe.

Since its inception, more and more homeowners have marveled at the benefits of the walk-in tub. Other than being a prototype of safety, it also transforms your bathroom into a place of safe and luxurious bathing. Be one of those people who are now experiencing the advantages of this modern bath system that the traditional kind does not offer. It can give you the following benefits and more.

Helps Maintain Your Self-Sufficiency

You may be perfectly capable of bathing on your own now, but what happens when you are old or when moving around becomes difficult because of an injury? You might find it difficult to find a reliable person and maybe even harder to ask for their help. Having an accessible tub installed as early as now can make sure that you stay independent in the coming years.

Makes Your Bathroom Fall-Proof

As we noted earlier, falling in the bathroom is a very common accident. And it is not just the elderly and the injured who are likely to be the victims. When you are in a hurry, you can easily take the wrong step and trip on something. With a walk-in tub, your bathroom gets rid of this risk.

Creates a Spa-Like Experience

Many bathrooms are made only for utility. With a walk-in bathtub, you are enticed to relax and spend some time pampering yourself with a long, warm, bath. This tub makes it easy to recreate a spa-like experience at the comfort of your own home.

Promotes Physical Healing

This bathroom system can be augmented by installing extra features like whirlpool jets and hydrotherapy mechanisms. Doing so enables the tub to help reduce stress, enhance relaxation, and provide comfort.

Choose the Best Brand of Walk-in Tubs

To enjoy all these benefits, you must carefully choose the best brand. There are plenty of walk-in tub brands in the market, the most popular among them are Jacuzzi, American Standard, Safe Step, Premier Care and American Tubs. Of these five brands, American Tub is the only manufacturer that we gave a five star rating. The other manufacturers did not impress us as they have been reported to provide poor customer service, falsely advertise their products and sell tubs with dysfunctional features. On our homepage, you can find a helpful table that will serve as a guide as you purchase a tub in Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Check it out so you won’t make a purchase you will regret. nike air max thea schwarz nike air max thea schwarz